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Ala Costa partners with community cooking organization 18 Reason

We are excited to announce that Ala Costa has partnered with 18 Reasons to bring their Cooking Matters program at our kitchen for a 6 week long course! Our adult participants will learn all about nutrition and improve their cooking skills with hands-on cooking practice paired with accessible and culturally competent discussions. It is important to us that our adult students have access to curriculum that supports them to learn to make lasting healthy food choices. Upon graduation our adult students will hopefully feel empowered with the increased confidence, independence and creativity needed to buy, cook, and eat good food every day. 

In LESSON 1: You’re the Chef! + The Importance of WATER our participants...   

  • Discussed principles of eating from "every food group, every day."

  • Practiced sharing with their families what was learned in class

  • Practiced using knives safely.

  • Practiced reading recipes and assembling mise en place for cooking.

  • Prepared a recipe with foods from at least 3 food groups.

Photos: Jamie Meronk
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