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FAQ'S for Community Partners: What to Expect

How often will Ala Costa Students volunteer with my organization? 

Typically, we like to partner with organizations that can host our volunteers on a weekly basis. Students learn best, and can contribute the most when worksites are routine. 

What hours can Ala Costa volunteers come? 

We schedule volunteer sites around our program hours of 9AM-2PM Monday-Friday. 


How many volunteers should I expect?

Most of our groups are 6 students and 2 teachers OR 3 students and 1 teacher. However we can do our best to accommodate whatever group size works best for your organization.


Since students come to the worksite with teachers what is my responsibility for training and communicating with disabled volunteers? 

We encourage volunteer supervisors to speak directly to students, train them on the job and give them feedback, as any other volunteer. Ala Costa's Teachers are not there to do the work for students or speak for them, instead, they are there to support organizations to learn to communicate best with volunteers and support students to problem solve, learn new skills, find ways to make accommodations so they can get the job done. 

To access more resources on how to support disabled volunteers at your organization click here:

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